Cirque Us

Meet the Cast of RagTag 3.0

Logan Kerr

Logan is a tightwire walker and roustabout based out of upstate New York and Chicago, IL. She began working with Bindlestiff Family Cirkus as a teenager and has been a part of their productions in NYC and across the United States since 2011. In 2015, Logan started training tightwire full-time in Chicago; where she also worked with Aloft Circus Arts and Midnight Circus in the Parks. It was also in Chicago where she formed a tightwire Duo “KerrPlunk” and her band “Logan & Book”. This will be Logan’s first tour with Cirque Us — as she was originally cast in the 2020 production of Ragtag — and is thrilled to finally bring this show to life!

Maeve Beck

Maeve Beck was born and raised in Turners Falls, Massachusetts where she began her circus journey at eight years old. She was introduced to the world of circus at the New England Center for Circus Arts in Brattleboro, Vermont where she did summer camps and took recreational classes for the first few years. In middle school Maeve began to pursue circus full time, joining NECCA’s advanced youth troupe and the following year was accepted to NECCA’s professional training program (ProTrack). During her first year in the ProTrack program she met current hand to hand partner Todd Degnan and the two have been training and creating together for the past four years. Maeve traveled to Biddeford, Maine starting the fall of 2018 to continue training with coach Sellam El Ouahabi at The Sellam Circus School. She continues to train and perform hand to hand with Todd while also focusing on solo hand balancing and contortion. She has performed throughout New England during her time as a student/performer. Maeve loves the creativity, strength, and joy that circus offers. She is grateful to have found circus and the community and continues to enjoy learning and challenging herself through circus training and performing.

Mariah Fraker

Mariah was supposed to be the clown in the 2020 remount of Ragtag, and what a bummer it was when COVID cancelled the tour! Now that things are opening up again, Mariah is thrilled to once again be a part of this show, and excited to share it with audiences in so many states! Mariah attended Bont’s International Clown School in Spain, and although she has performed shows in Chicago, Boston, DC, Quebec, and Menorca, this will be her first tour. When Mariah is not away with the circus, she can be found making coffee for politicians, whether she knows who they are or not. Mariah is also known for her s’mores and over-the-campfire grilled cheeses.

Jason Span

Jason Span is a former gymnast of eleven years and a former US Navy Hospital

Corpsman based out of Jacksonville, Florida. He was honorably discharged from

active duty in the United States Navy after serving for ten years to pursue his dream of

becoming an aerial artist. Jason quickly developed his artistry on aerial silks in June

2015 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He relocated back to his home town in Jacksonville, Florida

on October 2015 when he joined Bittersweet Studios. Always seeking to improve his

skills, Jason began to cross train on multiple apparatuses such as aerial hoop, aerial

straps and pole (dance). Jason began teaching and performing aerial arts at

Bittersweet Studios and is currently touring with AIDA Cruises based out of Germany.

Justin Durham is a handbalancer based out of Chicago. After graduating the National Centre for Circus Arts in London back in 2017, Justin has been jumping between a variety of contracts; from tented shows to cruise ship performances, as close to home as Midnight Circus in Chicago and as far fetched as Circus Aotearoa in New Zealand. Justin’s favorite part of circus arts is creatively developing a show with an ensemble and being able to present his many other talents of aerial straps, acrobatics, hand to hand, and club passing with the audience.

Todd Degnan

Todd Degnan is originally from Ballston Lake, NY and formerly based at The Sellam Circus School in Biddeford, ME. He’s always had a passion to expand his perspective, explore, learn while fulfilling the need for adventure, and thrill. After graduating from Bryant University with a degree in Business Management, he served with AmeriCorps and Peace Corps Volunteer for 3.5 years including Southwestern Ethiopia and completed a solo backpack trip from East to South Africa. That experience had a huge impact on his life and is the reason he ended up in the circus. Todd graduated from the New England Center for Circus Arts before being based out of The Sellam Circus School where he trained with Sellam El Ouahabi for the past 3 years, specializing in hand to hand and acrobatics. He is excited to be performing and a part of this new adventure with Cirque us. He’s very grateful for those who have supported him along the way, and looks forward to this fall tour — where he hopes to see some familiar faces, and meet some new ones!