Cirque Us

“We love what we do, and do what we love”

My name is Ivan Jermyn and this is my second year on tour with Cirque Us. I was a participant in last years creation, the 2017 Dreamcycle, though had little expectations for this new adventure. This year has a new crew, this year has a different director, this year we have 35 shows! And though I am not new to this company, this year has challenged my beliefs of what I am capable of as a performer as well as someone just trying my best.


Ivan as a sheep in the 2017 production of DreamCycle 

Though the group dynamic is different, I find no lack of sincerity or perseverance. We find ourselves neck deep in a creation that threatens to take more from us than we can give, and yet we continue. Our legs and backs are sore, our minds are juiced to a pulp, and yet we continue. We have never wanted more to take a nap in some corner when instead we try again, and again, and again.

We pursue onwards into our third week, watching the product of our sweat and tears come alive. What seemed like a far fetched dream only a week ago is quickly becoming our reality. Our time of exploration is over, we are running full acts, transitions, and sequences every day. We have less than a week now before our first performance. This signifies the end of our training, but the beginning of a long and bumpy tour on the road ahead.  

Ivan’s Bow in StarStruck 

Our final week of creation consists of standing for hours during tech rehearsals. Tech week provides a rest for our bodies, but does little for our spiritual essence. Though the distant heat emitted from the lights is a familiar presence, my legs will not soon forget this lasting burning sensation. Tech week brings Satisfaction in seeing the spectacle of our show, we finally witness the colors come alive as the music fills our ears. We are getting a feel for our show which will carry us through this time of our lives. Soon the time will come to perform for the masses. Soon we share our souls with audiences across the country, and soon we learn how to step back and take it all in. My hands are stained from dying costume pieces, my stomach growls for a long overdue snack, and I am in desperate need of a haircut. But the show must go on; here at Cirque Us we breathe that phrase, that no matter how difficult it seems, how tired we feel, we love what we do, and do what we love.

Ivan BreakDancing at Opening at the New England Center for Circus Arts