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One Man’s Trash

Grab your garbage bags, pick up the recycling, and get ready to laugh and cheer as this repurposed circus turns trash into treasure! Originally produced in 2016 and following the overwhelming success of its 2022 revival, “One Man’s Trash” is back again in 2023 for its third national tour. With the limitless spirit and can-do attitude of the circus, this cast reclaims and reanimates all that’s left in trash cans and littered in the garage to create a junkyard adventure like none other. Featuring a variety of unique and daring circus acts, the show is a testament to the power of community and teamwork.  Be it the pass of a juggling club or the leap of an acrobat, “One Man’s Trash” is ready to prove what we’re capable of–what we’re all capable of–together. Truly, our band of inventive acrobats, high-flying aerialists, and quirky clowns are just bursting to welcome you into their world! The dumpster doors are wide open– we can’t wait for you to jump in. Cirque Us proudly presents…

One Man’s Trash: A Repurposed Circus

Previous Casts

One Man's Trash: A Repurposed Circus (Summer 2016)
Alec McGowan - Doug Stewart - Keenan Wright-Sanson - Liam Gundlach - Marieke Dailey - Sam Ferlo - Sam Gurwitt - Sarah Tiffin
One Man's Trash: A Repurposed Circus (Fall 2022)
Ivan Jermyn - Carina Gillet - Maeve Beck - Charles Keidel - Jeremy Cifonie - Mariah Fraker
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