Cirque Us

RagTag 4.0 – Meet the Team

Julia Baccellieri was born and raised in Chicago, IL starting her circus journey at Circesteem, MSA & Circus Arts, and Aloft. After high school she moved to Vermont and in 2019 graduated from NECCA’s inaugural 3-year Protrack program. She then found her way to Denver, CO to work with Frequent Flyers and Illuminar Aerial. Dance Trapeze being her main discipline, she is a strong and dynamic performer with a passion for hula hooping, dance, flexibility, and tumbling. She has been training and performing circus for 12 years in the US and Canada. Julia has been looking forward to touring with this amazing cast of old friends from many different circus adventures and creating fun new memories!

Justin Durham is a handbalancer based out of Chicago. After graduating the National Centre for Circus Arts in London back in 2017, he has been jumping between a variety of contracts as close to home as Midnight Circus in Chicago, and as far fetched as Circus Aotearoa in New Zealand, AirOtic Soiree in the Caribbean, and corporate performances in Europe and the Middle East. Justin’s favorite part of circus arts is creatively developing a show with an ensemble and being able to present his wide array of talents with the audience.

Logan Kerr began working with Cirque Us in 2020 and has been in the cast for the last three re-mounts of RagTag. She got her start in the circus world with The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus in New York and later worked for Circus Smirkus in Greensboro, VT. Logan moved to Chicago in 2015 to pursue wire full-time with Ariele Ebacher and worked with Aloft Circus Arts and Midnight Circus in the Parks. She performs as a tightwire duo (KerrPlunk) as well as records music with a fellow circus artist (Logan & Book). She has been a guest member of the legendary King Charles Unicycle Troupe, performed at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in 2017, and most recently joined the inaugural season of Bindlestiff Flatbed Follies — a show that brings free, open-air circus to underserved communities across all five NYC boroughs.

Mariah Fraker is thrilled to be on her third round of RagTag, and excited to share it with audiences in so many states! Mariah attended Bont’s International Clown School in Spain, and she has performed in shows in Chicago, Boston, DC, Quebec, and Menorca. When Mariah is not away with the circus, she can be found making coffee for politicians, travelling the world, or working at Smirkus Camp. Mariah is also known for her s’mores and over-the-campfire grilled cheeses.

Todd Degnan is originally from Ballston Lake, NY and was formerly based out of Biddeford, Maine. After returning home from living in Eastern Africa for 3 years, he began his circus journey at NECCA in Brattleboro, Vermont. There he spent two years in the professional training program and began working with his partner, Maeve. He then moved to Maine to train under coach Sellam El Ouahabi for another two years specializing in hand to hand and group partner acrobatics. This is his second tour with Cirque Us, and has also worked with Sea World San Diego and Live305 Entertainment.

Maeve Beck is from Turner’s Falls, Massachusetts where she began her circus journey at nine years old at the New England Center for Circus Arts. Maeve has trained full time in NECCA’s ProTrack program and at The Sellam Circus School in the professional training program. She has been working with her hand to hand partner, Todd Degnan, for the past four years and she also specializes in contortion and hand balancing. She has traveled and performed throughout the country with companies including Live305 Entertainment, Santa’s Circus at SeaWorld San Diego, and this will be her second tour with Cirque Us’ RagTag.

Doug Stewart graduated from the New England Center for Circus Arts in 2015. As a performer he has worked for Circus Smirkus, Chicago’s Midnight Circus, Diamond Family Circus, AIDA Cruises, Live305 Entertainment, Cirque Dreams and was a cast member in the first three Cirque Us tours. Doug holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business of Live and Performing Arts from Columbia College Chicago and working on his Masters in Business Administration. At age 20, Doug founded Cirque Us. Doug currently sits as the Assistant Director at Circus Smirkus Camp and the Artistic Producer of Cirque Us.