Have you ever stopped to think about the threads which make up the fabric of everyday life? How sometimes they feel so perfectly knit together, while at other times they feel more like a tangled web of knots? Every fiber has a source, but what keeps them from completely unraveling? Woven together, these loose ends create a new story. 
Join our RagTag group of thread-barren, yarn-spinning characters as they explore a new patchwork world.  You’ll be entwined with our group of mismatched artists as they stitch together a tapestry of talents: from high-flying, knot-tying, gravity defying aerialists, to loopy jugglers, to musicians that pull your heart strings, and comedy that leaves you in stitches. Join us as we gather stories that never got to be told.  Can we find a common thread? Come witness how six separate threads are inevitably intertwined. Cirque Us proudly presents…

RagTag: A Circus in Stitches

Interested in bringing RagTag to a theater near you? Contact us at booking@thecirqueus.com