Support Cirque us on this #GivingTuesday, November 29

Cirque Us is proud to be more than just a circus. More than an event, more than an experience, more than a moment, Cirque Us is a community

Our shows bring high-caliber, accessible circus to communities diverse in size and demographic. Our workshops invite folk of all ages and abilities to prove for themselves that anything is possible. Our camps inspire youth with the creativity and confidence to be who they are and do what their hearts desire. On this #GivingTuesday, please consider making a donation to help Cirque Us continue the spread of Circus Magic.

Your donation of just $15 pays the cost of a ticket for someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to see our circus. Your donation of $25 supports the artists whose livelihoods and wellbeing depend on the tours created by Cirque Us each Spring and Fall. Your donation of $100 allows Cirque Us to stretch even further the boundaries of where and for whom we can create Circus Magic.

Your donation through Fractured Atlas is easy and tax deductible; follow the link below to donate!

As a proud circus community, Cirque Us is thrilled to know so much of our audience on a personal level. At each stop of every tour, our artists cast their gaze from onstage out into the crowd, unceasing and unfailing in their search for the familiar faces of old friends. Be it the family who bought tickets at the door last year, or the longstanding fans who’ve known us since our start, Cirque Us experiences make people want to return. Your donation of $25 ensures that all our friends waiting for Cirque Us to come back to town won’t be disappointed. Click below to donate.

When asked what the name Cirque Us means to them, our artists shared about the connection between us above all else. To us, Cirque Us means “a big team– a family.” “The circus of US.” “What can happen when people come together and work really hard.” As a staple of the Spring and Fall performance seasons, Cirque Us is also an integral part of our livelihoods. As full-time artists and performers, we pay our bills and nourish our bodies by booking contracts with companies like Cirque Us. Something that makes Cirque Us stand out, though, is that our artists come back. Just like our audiences grow and return each season, our performers do too. We love the time we spend with Cirque Us because we feel taken care of when we’re here. Cirque us is home, and that’s exactly how we believe it should be. Your donation of $25 allows Cirque Us to continue providing substantial, meaningful work to artists from across the United States. Click below to donate.

In the last year, Cirque Us has set records for the number of new venues where we’ve played our shows. This is so thrilling to us because it means we’re accomplishing our mission: to spread Circus Magic. We have so much love for the sites who host us year after year, and while we’re so glad to know those roots run deep, we can’t wait to see how much further we can stretch, all in the name of growing a greater circus community. Your donation of $25 today helps Cirque Us reach more new venues, expand the scope of our tours, and welcome even more folk into the Cirque Us community. Click below to donate.

On this #GivingTuesday, Cirque Us says THANK YOU to all of our supporters new and old. Your donation enables us to do all that we do to make a positive change in the world, and you can trust that both on stage and off, we’re grateful. We couldn’t do what we do without you– thank you.

With gratitude, from all your friends at Cirque Us.