Support Us

Cirque Us was founded in 2016, centered around a dream to create shows that powerfully connect audiences to each other, the stage, and the world. Since 2016, this New England based circus company has toured 3 shows. Cirque Us seeks to bring the highest level of circus entertainers to the hearts of local communities through innovative performances and workshops. We are striving to create a new genre of circus, combining the heart and passion of traditional circus mixed with elements of contemporary circus. Our thematic, family-friendly, intimate shows aim to wow our audiences while taking them on a journey through laughter, astounding feats, and joyous movements, all while sharing the values of teamwork, the importance of play, and remembering to never take ourselves to seriously.

Our mission is to provide high-quality circus at an affordable price to local audiences. By supporting us through Patreon, you will help us stay true to our mission of keeping ticket prices low and will help us build our dream show, enabling us to spread lots of circus magic.

If you are not in a position to help us financially, spreading the word will also help us immensely.  Your financial or non-financial contribution will support young artists and put smiles on thousands of faces this summer. This is a way to support the arts, bring more circus across New England, and inspire children and adults alike to celebrate life through teamwork, play, and individuality.