Cirque Us

A Wild Adventure

Touring with CirqueUs and One Man’s Trash has been a wild adventure to say the least. It’s not easy to pull a show together from scratch in only three weeks, […]

On the Road Again

Hey everyone! We are coming up on our 5th week of tour and things have been going great! It’s been a blast to get to go back to familiar cities […]

Working Hard and Having Fun!

Hi Everyone! I know, it’s been a long time since you’ve had a blog post from me. I guess we’ve just been keeping busy by working hard and having fun! […]

One Man’s Trash – 2022 Cast & Staff

Ivan Jermyn Ivan Jermyn is a Physical Theater Artist, Clown and Acrobat from the hills of Vermont. He started his performing journey with Circus Smirkus before touring with Cirque Us […]

RagTag 4.0 – Meet the Team

Julia Baccellieri was born and raised in Chicago, IL starting her circus journey at Circesteem, MSA & Circus Arts, and Aloft. After high school she moved to Vermont and in […]