Meet Us

Doug Stewart
Operations Director, Founder

Doug Stewart is a professional circus artist as well as entrepreneur. Doug graduated from the New England Center for Circus Arts, the longest running professional training program in the United States. As a performer he has worked for Circus Smirkus, Chicago’s Midnight Circus, Diamond Family Circus, AIDA Cruises and was a cast member in the first three Cirque Us tours. Doug holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business of Live and Performing Arts with a concentration in Touring Productions from Columbia College Chicago. At age 20, Doug founded Cirque Us. Doug is also a co-founder of the Upper Valley Circus Camp. Doug currently sits as the head circus coach for Circus Smirkus Camp and the Artistic and Operations Director of Cirque Us.

Rena Dimes
Digital Content Manager

Rena is a professional contemporary circus artist based in Brattleboro, Vermont. Rena graduated from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, where she received her Bachelor of the Arts in Linguistics with a focus in Dance History. Rena also discovered her passion for circus in Portland, where she began her performance career with A-WOL Dance Collective. Rena furthered her circus education by attending the New England Center For Circus Arts (NECCA), where she studied Aerial Loops and Contortion. Rena has been performing and working with Cirque Us since 2017, and has held many position including performer, ensemble supervisor, merchandise designer, and website administrator. When she is not with Cirque Us, Rena performs with AIDA Cruises as an aerialist and contortionist. 

Past Collaborators

Jess McNamara ~ Kieran McKeon ~ Hannah Tymosko ~ Emma Travis

Trevor Brady ~ Max Ribbans ~ Sarah Tiffin ~ Nick Zelle ~ Shayna Golub ~ Nina Gershy